V-7 Supercharger

The mean little brother to the V-4, in it’s class the V-7 is the most winning supercharger on the planet. It uses straight cut gears (3.45:1 ratio) and the original engine oil lubrication system. This unit is only available with the higher speed bearings. Compressor choices are limited to the JT, and YSi in both CW and CCW (JT only) rotations, only straight outlet.

The V-7 Series combines the advanced technology and race-proven performance of the V-4 model and fits most of our existing mounting bracketry. The V-7 is designed for vehicles with highly modified engines and extreme CFM/boost demands. All units feature our exclusive D-port volute for improved efficiently and require the use of a Vortech Racing Bypass Valve. The heavy duty (H/D) configuration includes high speed, ceramic hybrid ball bearings, ideal for race applications, i.e. cog pulley/Gilmer drive.