V-5 Superchargers

The smallest in the family, the V-5 uses straight cut gears (3.45:1 ratio) and engine oil lubrication. It is sized for engines down to 1.5L, yet can support over 500HP. This little blower has five world cup championships for personal watercraft. Compressor choices include the F, G, and H in both CW and CCW rotations but only a straight outlet. Available with standard or higher speed bearings.

Designed for use on 1.6 to 4 liter engines, the V-5 features a low-surge threshold for smaller displacement, high-revving engines. As with all other Vortech superchargers, development and testing took place in a state-of-the-art test cell (compliant to SAE Standard J-1723). This efficient compressor design requires less horsepower to drive the impeller and provides cooler discharge temperatures. These features, matched with our exclusive D-port volute, allow for more available boost throughout the operating range, especially at higher engine speeds.