Supercharger Units

The V-1 Family

The V-1 was the first model supercharger Vortech produced. Other members of the V-1 family are the V-2, V-3, V5, V-7 and the V-11. Today, the V-3 (internally lubricated) is our most popular model, and is included in most Vortech street-legal supercharging systems. All of these units share the same gearcase-mounting bosses, fastener locations and 7.75” compressor mount flange diameter and external dimensions are similar. The V-4 is a close cousin except with a second set of mounting holes located outboard of the first, and at 9.75”, a larger diameter compressor flange. Various compressor stages may be fit to these variants. The V-11 is a mid-sized variant with an 8.50” diameter compressor mounting flange.



The V-20 Family

Built to address the needs of the over 1000HP racer, the V-20 is a clean sheet design that incorporates many years of racing compressor knowledge. The patented design employs a unique impeller shaft support system that is robust enough to endure the speeds and accelerations associated with high horsepower drag racing and the durability to perform well in the offshore boat-racing world. The modular design allows fitment of a wide range of compressor stages. Another revolutionary feature of the V-20 series is the new Diverging Diffusion Technology (DDT) impeller/volute performance system with engine specific tunability. All V-20 series superchargers share a 4.21:1 internal step-up ratio and are engine oil lubricated or an auxiliary system can be fabricated. Like the V-1 family, the V-20 can have different compressor stages.